For the purpose of educational research and development in multiple scientific fields, the BA and the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology have joined hands to build a high performance computing cluster—also known as the Supercomputer—on the BA premises. With a peak performance reaching 11.8 TFLOPS, a new level of creativity is inspired and new horizons are arising in the research domain. The Supercomputer is meant to be deployed for specialized applications that require immense mathematical calculations. Thus, because of its mechanism and specifications,  it is rendered a valuable tool for researchers seeking optimum results at a rate of trillions of calculations per second. There are various domains and scientific applications in which the use of the Supercomputer cluster can make quite a difference, such as bioinformatics, data mining, computer vision, image processing, physics simulation, weather forecast, finite elements, drilling for oil and groundwater, astrophysics, and cloud computing.