The BA Establishes the Center for Development Studies

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The BA has recently established “The Center for Development Studies”, in an aim to strengthen public involvement in development in its widest sense: economically, socially and culturally; as well as in good governance and the advancement of public policies.

The Center also seeks to promote the establishment of a democratic system, and to propose visions for future development in all fields, a necessity in Egypt in the context of the current scene.


Ten years after the BA inauguration, The Center for Development Studies, which is soon to start its activities in Alexandria and Cairo, reflects a thorough reading of the transformations the Egyptian society has lately gone through, and provides a channel to interact with these and to better address community needs.

The Center for Development Studies builds on the achievements of the Dialogue Forum that has been a key player in the past years in deepening the values of dialogue, raising issues of Arab reform and volunteerism, combating corruption, spreading transparency and fostering youth participation in the public sphere.