The BA Issues Dr. Ossama Al-Azhari’s Jamharat Aalam Al-Azhar AlSharif Encyclopedia

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The BA issued Jamharat Aalam Al-Azhar AlSharif Encyclopedia, written by Dr. Ossama Al-Azhari, with a foreword by Dr. Moustafa Elfeki, Director of the BA.

Dr. Ossama Al-Azhari emphasized that this encyclopedia delves deep into the history of Al-Azhar and the biographies of its scholars to explore their methods and ways of thinking, and know more about their discussions and debates. He also added that the aim of this encyclopedia is to discover the noble morals and values of Al-Azhar Scholars, and the social role they played in their own countries.

Dr. Moustafa Elfeki said that we discover Al-Azhar Al-Sharif through this encyclopedia which will be a base on which a huge project that includes the intellectual output of Egyptians in the 19th and 20th century will be built as part of the cultural production of the BA.