The Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (CultNat) is one of the BA institutions stationed in Cairo and is affiliated with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. The Center aims to apply the latest technological innovations in documenting Egypt’s cultural heritage, the tangible and intangible, as well as Egypt’s natural heritage, which includes information about natural areas and their biological components. CultNat has contributed towards the documentation and dissemination of information related to heritage by doing the following:

  • Implementing the national plan of action’s documentation program, making use of the most up-to-date information technology in collaboration with national and international specialized organizations
  • Increasing public awareness of cultural and natural heritage using all available media
  • Developing the skills of professionals working in the fields of conservation and documentation of cultural and natural heritage.

As the world is getting more connected in the digital age and new technologies are becoming important tools, CultNat is working simultaneously on various programs for documenting Egypt’s cultural and natural heritage.

CultNat has developed impressive ways to communicate its research findings to the public. Online, the award-winning trilingual website The Eternal Egypt is a treasure trove for anyone interested in Egypt and its history. Equally impressive is the award-winning “Cultural Panorama” or “CULTURAMA”, the world’s first nine-screen interactive projection system.

CultNat has a set of exhibitions and projection screens where all projects are on display for public visits. It also publishes material in print and CD format. Most notable of these publications is the series of archaeological atlases that contain exhaustive maps, locations, and descriptions of the archaeological sites in Egypt, governorate by governorate.

In 2003, CultNat won the World Summit Award (WSA) Special Mention from the UAE in the e-Culture category along with four projects from Armenia, France, Russia, and the USA. CultNat was twice awarded the Stockholm Challenge Award in the “Culture” category for “The Archaeological Map of Egypt” program in 2004 and 2005. In Morocco in 2009, CultNat was granted the Arab Federation for Libraries and Information (AFLI) Award for Excellence in Libraries and Information for the digitization of the “National Historical Archives of Egypt Project”. In 2010 in the UAE, CultNat received the World Summit Award (WSA) for Best Mobile Content from the Arab World Region in the “m-Tourism & Culture” category for the “CULTMOB Project”. It also received the Best Educational Film Award from the AVICOM International Committee for Audiovisual and New Image and Sound Technologies in China for the film Dandarh Temple in the “Medium Length Movies” category.